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Book and enter in this private universe VIP.

The Capsule becomes the living room of your dreams, with a multitude of services for optimal comfort.

3.2m diagonal screen.

A comfortable sofa for four.

Audio system 5.1 for a total immersion experience.

Access to all the channels and services you can imagine.

Control the lighting the way you want, green, blue, red, subdued..for a personalised atmosphere.

The power of the PS5 and the Xbox series X combined with the best games of the moment just for you!

And the
absolute best:

order your Tacos, Fundido, Quésadillas and all our pastries on the iPad, pay by credit card and receive them directly in the TacosBox a few minutes later.

They have been convinced:

It is an original service, everything went smoothly and was well done. The capsule is autonomous, it is impressive ! The fact that we don’t need to talk to anyone from the staff is a bit puzzling but once inside the capsule with a good movie, we stop thinking about it.


A good surprise. To create a cocoon inside a restaurant is surprising, but after 20 minutes we forget we are isolated, in a restaurant full of people. The capsule is of a good quality, and the fact that there is no sound from outside is incredible. Congratulations for this beautiful project and I hope the capsule and the Master Tacos lasts for a long time!!


The concept is very interesting, pleasant if you want to spend time as a VIP with friends. The voice is nice! The different services offered are chosen with care. I would have loved to have a wii and not only the playstation since it felt like it was for men. I felt a bit out of touch not knowing how to use the gamepad...It took me 5 minutes to understand how it worked LOL. Generally speaking, the concept is very interesting and well-conceived. It is a balance between a classic restaurant and a house! I will go back with great pleasure.


What about you?
What are you waiting for?


The 2:30 session for 4 persons

i.e. 0,99€ per hour and per person